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New features to supercharge your productivity




The long series of pandemic lockdowns here in Melbourne left us at Pixel HQ with a lot of time to reflect (and make thousands of loaves of sourdough, strengthen our indoor-plant obsession and ponder our existence, but that’s for another time). So, we focused on what we can do to supercharge your efficiency and productivity within the platform so you can focus on your creativity!
From upgrades to our menu widgets, to streamlining functionality across a range of features, we’ve developed some game-changing updates to help you work quickly and easily, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy post-lockdown life.


The PXT Team

Co-founder @ Pixel Together

Friday 19th August 2022

Menu Features

Unlike other website builders, which often have locked down menu widgets, ours are super flexible. This means code-free menu building for your site.
Side Navs
A new function for Pixel, our Side Nav feature is one we are super proud of. Simply create two sections (menu buttons and side navigation), then select from a range of position and style options to make your left or right sliding-in menu. Width, background and opacity are all changeable, meaning you can quickly and efficiently match themes across your site. This update means that with a few clicks, you can add custom links and buttons to sleek sliding-in menus styled as you please, without having to write any code.
See how it works here.
Click or hover drop-down menus
Flexible, easy-to-create drop-down menus have always been part of our offering. But we want to give you every option possible to ensure your site feels great to use. So, we’ve added the hover option to menus, using the same intuitive process as creating a drop-down menu. So, whether you’re looking to develop a straightforward menu, or a complex, multi-layered drop-down menu, you can do so quickly and easily.
See how it works here.
Hamburger menu
The hamburger menu is an excellent way to keep your site looking clean, whether your users are accessing it on their desktops or tablets. So, of course, we’ve got an easy-to-use feature to add your custom hamburger menu to your site. The option to upload an image for the icon and the flexibility within the hamburger menu tool means that this feature will contribute to, not distract from your overall design.
See how it works here.

Productivity features
Aligning and distributing objects
Sick of calculating pixels between buttons? Our new editing toolbar makes it super easy to perfectly space out objects with just a few clicks, keeping your site aligned with minimal effort. Whether making big updates or adjusting menus, this tool will simplify a critical step.
See how it works here.
Changing multiple layers at once
This feature is a game-changer. Rather than changing multiple properties individually, you can now simply multi-select each item and update them all simultaneously. This update makes changing font families or colours much faster, meaning you can quickly respond to feedback from clients or easily test different visual options.
See how it works here.
Inline styles
With this update, you can now change the properties of an individual item within a single layer. This is especially useful when posting written content, like this blog. For example, instead of creating a layer for each heading, sub-heading and block of text, all can be situated in one layer. With this new feature, you can then change individual styles, fonts, colours and spacing of each individual heading all within the one layer.
See how it works here.
Want to know more or looking for guidance on using any of Pixel Together's features? Our customer service team are always here to help.

Image credit: PXT

'So, whether you’re looking to develop a straightforward menu, or a complex, multi-layered drop-down menu, you can do so quickly and easily'

'Rather than changing multiple properties individually, you can now simply multi-select each item and update them all simultaneously'



Friday 19th August 2022

Co-founder @ Pixel Together

The PXT Team


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