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Your Mind Matters: Taking Care of Your Creativity


Co-founder @ Pixel Together

Monday 21st September 2020



Renae Turner

Keeping creativity levels high can be a struggle. While endless coffee and new hobbies (hello Ottolenghi whole baked cauliflower!) can help, getting a dose of inspiration can be as simple as looking in the right place.

So, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite sites for those moments when you need a little extra spark. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite of creativity or you want to take a whole evening to dig into something more substantial, we’ve got you covered.


The website of the whip-smart contemporary art magazine, Frieze is packed full of art news, reviews and opinions. Whether you want to read some informed commentary or gaze on some innovative images, you’ll find it here.

Ello - The Creators Network.

Feeling a bit isolated? Turn to Ello. Created as a social network for designers, Ello now provides design inspiration and a virtual workspace for creators of all stripes. Bookmark this for some inspiring screen time.

Inspiration to start your day

'When everything feels like it could be a bit of a mess, you need to recalibrate. Turn to the world of typography to ground yourself.'

An aesthetic pick me up

This is Mirador

Fight mid-afternoon Zoom fatigue with This is Mirador. Curated by French graphic design duo Say What Studio, this collection of inspiring works from across the globe is better than chocolate.

Erick Millan Design

For creative content to get your pulse humming, check out Erick Millan Design on Instagram. A striking collection of images, strongly flavoured by the tones and styles of Erick’s home country, Mexico. A caffeine hit for your eyes. 


When everything feels like it could be a bit of a mess, you need to recalibrate. Turn to the world of typography to ground yourself. Enjoy the arrangement of letters and words, done just right.

Something just for fun

Frick Collection - Cocktails with a Curator

Try your hand at making a curated cocktail, then watch the Frick Collection curators chat through a work of art from this rich collection, whilst you sip and soak up the knowledge. 


Melbourne-based studio Mosster experiment at the intersection of art, design and technology. Dive into their site when things are feeling stagnant – you can’t help but feel refreshed and invigorated.

DJ Andrew McClelland’s Finishing School

If you can’t leave the house, DJ Andrew McClelland is bringing his cult indie-pop night right to you. Throw on some sequins, dim the lights and join your fellow party folk for a night of zoom square partying.

'Australian contemporary artist Brook Andrew has curated a diverse, dynamic First Nations-led program for the 2020 Sydney Biennale. '

An engaging evening at home

Louisiana Channel

Engage your eyes and your mind with this entertaining interview series. Artists and creators share insights into their creative process and how they navigate the commercial world. Prep the popcorn and settle in.

Australian String Quartet live at Ukaria

See the Australian String Quartet perform at Ukaria without leaving home. Explore what makes Adelaide special in the eyes of these talented musicians and enjoy a sublime string performance from the comfort of your couch. 


Australian contemporary artist Brook Andrew has curated a diverse, dynamic First Nations-led program for the 2020 Sydney Biennale. The result is a treat for the mind and eyes.

watch this video

For a little more musical exploration, check out Renae’s guide to the tunes she chooses to spark her imagination.

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6. Pixel Together

I say the magic in Pixel lies in its freedom and flexibility. Even though I'm co-founder of Pixel, I probably still class myself as a Content Producer first  - so I’m used to working in video, text, image and Adobe. Pixel works for me because essentially I can manoeuvre all my assets just the way I like. Is Pixel techy? Well, if you’re not ofay with any visual design tools such as Adobe, Sketch, Canva or even Powerpoint then it could be a bit of a leap and it would be worth spending some time in our YouTube channel or Help Library. However, if you are up with any of those tools, it’ll be an absolute cinch. Plus we’re always a quick message away if you need to speak to a real person and get some help.



Monday 21st Septemeber 2020

Co-founder @ Pixel Together

Renae Turner


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