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The Pros and Cons of no-code website builders (and how Pixel Together overcomes the limitations!)




We created Pixel Together as our answer to the limiting, complex and glitchy website builders on offer back in 2015. We’d been working as developers for a range of clients who needed an easy-to-use, easy to update and easy-to-customise website builder – but this product didn’t exist.
Our answer was to create a no-code website builder that prioritised ease of use, flexibility and excellent customer support.
Since then, no-code website builders have become more popular and much more talked about. However, the more we hear about no-code limitations, the more we’re proud to say that Pixel Together overcomes these limitations in so many ways.
So, what are the pros and cons of no-code website builders, and why does Pixel Together stand out?


Simon Moore

Co-founder @ Pixel Together

Friday 10th February 2023

'They [the Pixel team] consistently reply quickly, can discuss problems, and demonstrate a great sense of understanding. Often in the process of talking through the issue, the Pixel team will find solutions within the platform that we hadn’t recognised. And they never get frustrated!'

​​​​But wait - exactly what does no-code mean?
No, it’s not just the name of one of our favourite Pearl Jam albums (okay, we are giving away our age now!).
In short, no-code website builders are drag-and-drop, visual platforms that allow users to build a website using pre-built elements without writing any code. No-code platforms contain code, but it is all developed behind the scenes by the platform developers. Users are simply given the visual tools to design and create a website, online proposal, folio and more.
Platforms like Wix, Webflow and Squarespace are good examples of no-code website builders (however, they have limitations, which we’ll outline below).
Pros of no-code website builders
Ease of use
No-code website builders allow the easy creation of websites that are responsive across devices. User-friendliness is a priority for most no-code website builders, so easy-to-use visual tools are inbuilt within the platforms. Often these are in the form of templates, so users simply customise objects within the template. Pixel Together offers much greater flexibility than template-centric sites, offering drag-and-drop functionality and highly customisable elements.
Rapid response
Unlike coding, which can require complex steps to enact site changes, no-code website builders enable users to see changes in real-time. For example, using Pixel Together, you can make a change to the style or functionality of your site and see how it will look across all devices instantaneously. Our users love this feature for client working sessions, where they can change colours, elements or layouts on the spot and show results to their clients instantly.
Intuitive, easy-to-use tools mean efficient workflow and increased productivity without having to rework multiple lines of code. For us at Pixel, finding ways to boost our customer’s productivity is a constant focus and has informed many of our recent feature upgrades.
No-code platforms can be cost-saving across many business areas. For example, productivity increases help minimise costs by saving time and improving output. The usability of no-code website builders also creates cost savings, as the creation of websites is much more efficient than developing them from scratch or on a traditional CMS such as Wordpress.
Cons of no-code platforms
Limited flexibility
A common discussion point around no-code platforms is their limited options in terms of styling, theming and functionality. Template-based website builders often offer fixed options for customisation, meaning that many websites look similar and behave identically.
Pixel is a pure drag-and-drop system with an extraordinary range of tools and options to quickly customise individual and multiple elements. We love seeing what our customers achieve with our platform.

Outgrowing your website builder
While no-code website builders don’t require an understanding of coding, to be efficient, many platforms will better serve a business if the user has some knowledge of website functionality. Specifically, the limitations of the platform they are using. For example, a company may create a website on a template centric platform like Squarespace. As the business grows, the requirements for the website will often expand simultaneously. Without an in-depth understanding of the no-code platform, users may find they have outgrown the platform's functionality and have to begin the site build again from scratch or face limitations to their processes or workflow.
Here at Pixel, we work with our customers to ensure we are always one step ahead of their requirements. Here’s one of our top-tier users describing how our platform facilitates large-scale changes with ease and how they could quickly scale their websites up as their business requirements rapidly grew.
Customer Support
Many larger no-code website builders provide highly structured support options rather than individual help or one-on-one contact. As many offer a less than flexible, templated service, the opportunities to help customers create outside the parameters of these templates can be limited. While Squarespace is known for having excellent customer support, Wix, Weebly and WordPress receive much more variable reports from users regarding the strength of their customer support experience. At Pixel Together, we pride ourselves on our friendly and comprehensive support.
Our customers agree: “They [the Pixel team] consistently reply quickly, can discuss problems, and demonstrate a great sense of understanding. Often in the process of talking through the issue, the Pixel team will find solutions within the platform that we hadn’t recognised. And they never get frustrated!”

For us, it’s great to see the constant buzz online about no-code platforms. We are proud of what Pixel can do and how we facilitate our customer’s creativity and vision with so few limitations. The more focus there is within the tech world on the pros and cons of no-code platforms, the more drive we have to keep one step ahead with our upgrades and expanding features.
If you want to know more about how Pixel Together may work for you, our support team are happy to provide any additional information. Or, get started exploring the possibilities with a free 14-day trial.



Friday 10th February 2023

Co-founder @ Pixel Together

Simon Moore


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